Story behind Blue Moose Coffee Lodge


"In 1999, I established Hickory Coffee Company within the Furniture Mart in Hickory, NC. After a few years, I felt the need for change. During such a difficult time in the country, I wanted to bring happiness to the community. In 2006, I founded Blue Moose Coffee Lodge in the heart of Caldwell County. By providing great coffee, exceptional customer service, and a warm atmosphere...

the happiness found Blue Moose on its own. From the very start, something just felt right."

-Kelly G. Bentley, Owner.


Years of hard work and dedication have made Blue Moose Coffee Lodge a success. The unique menu options and handcrafted drinks have truly been a culturally-enriching experience to the people of the area. From music festivals to weddings, we've done it all. The Blue Moose Coffee Lodge family has grown with time just as the many experiences shared by our customers. Our baristas recall countless memories throughout the years of simple pleasures exchanged through our two little windows.

Blue Moose Coffee Lodge

Those same two little windows soon became three. In 2019, a complete reinvention of Blue Moose Coffee Lodge began. A new logo and the addition of our walk-up window were just a few steps in a monumental remodel. We believe it's extraordinarily important to adjust with change. The sleek, modern look of Blue Moose Coffee Lodge brings forth a step in the right direction towards the future. Offering a revitalized new menu while preserving customer favorites is important to us. Smiling faces and fun times will always be at Blue Moose Coffee Lodge to invite you back for many years to come!

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